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Donation of Personal Protective Equipment for COVID-19 Crisis                           April 1, 2020

To our local business leaders: We are in a critical time in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center is asking for your help in assembling supplies for the response. At this time, we are asking our local business community to help by donating personal protective equipment (PPE) critical to protect frontline workers. These supplies will be inventoried and then redistributed to organizations working on the front line of this public health crisis.

Our primary needs right now are:

• Surgical Masks
• N-95 respirators
• Nitrile gloves
• Aprons
• Gowns
• PAPRs (powered air purifying respirators)
• APR (air purifying respirator)
• Face shields

Donation Drop Off Information

For large donations (pallets or more), please contact St. Vincent de Paul 937-425-0592 to schedule a drop-off time.

For donations of less than a pallet, you can drop off your donation at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store loading dock at 945 S. Edwin C. Moses, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., without an appointment.

For questions about this request, please contact the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center resource desk at (937) 225-6316

We Are Here to Serve During COVID19

For over 30 years St. Vincent de Paul Society has sheltered the homeless of the Miami Valley, and we aren’t going anywhere during this crisis. Whether our homeless guests have cold or flu symptoms or not, they have nowhere else to go, and we are privileged to serve them.

In this “new normal” of closures and social distancing, our staff and volunteers continue their work, just as health care, police, and fire professionals continue theirs. Volunteers and staff are aware of the risks, and thankfully we have enough people willing to put themselves on the front lines of serving the homeless no matter what.  We will implement new directives from public health officials, as they become known, to keep our guests, volunteers and staff as safe as possible.
                                                                                                                         Michael Vanderburgh, Executive Director

We are working actively with public health authorities, we have implemented appropriate hygiene measures, and we have developed updated emergency response plans.

What Has Not Changed

During this crisis, we remain fully committed to our mission to feed, clothe and shelter anyone coming for assistance. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year, and no one is ever turned away.  If you or someone you know needs St. Vincent de Paul’s help, please call (937) 222-5555.

Our Community Food Pantry continues to distribute food on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, and will be offering curbside assistance to those with or without vehicles.  To learn more about the Community Food Pantry or our St. Vincent de Paul neighborhood pantries, please click here.

Our Donation Center –located at 120 W. Apple St. – is still open 24/7, and we are ready to accept your donations.

We Need Your Help

Most importantly, we hope you will pray for us and those we care for. We ask for the strength to do God’s will in caring for and comforting one another in these uncertain times.

If you would like to join us in sharing our love and care for those we serve, a financial gift is a good way to help. The need is great; certainly no one plans for this type of emergency, of long duration, for this many people. The easiest way to give is to donate online by clicking here.

We have great need for twin sheets, bath towels, and wash cloths. If you have gently used twin sheets, bath towels, and wash cloths, please drop them off at our 24/7 donation center at 120 W. Apple Street. Our Amazon Needs List has several urgently-needed items for our guests’ hygiene.  You can see the Amazon list by clicking here.

Volunteers are a welcome and valuable part of our ministry. Of course we ask only for those in good health, and not a member of a group at-risk for COVID-19, to consider volunteering. You can call us at (937) 222-5555 ext. 103 to learn more.


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