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Items on our current Needs List are detailed here. As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from our generous community to provide our shelter guests with basic needs, including clothing, food and personal items. On average, we shelter nearly 400 men, women and children every day. Guests receive any clothing and personal items they need, and we provide three meals a day, every day of the year. It is important that while we work with our guests to help them find housing and other resources, we make sure they are comfortable and have what they need. Donating these items is a great way for groups or individuals to help ensure we can meet those needs! We update the Needs List often, so check back here at any time to see what is most needed.

Our neighbors need a place to sit, eat, and sleep. Furniture donations are always appreciated!

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General Items Needed

  • Sheets/sheet sets and pillowcases (new or gently used, all sizes)
  • Blankets (new or gently used, any size)
  • Bath towels and washcloths (new or gently used)
  • Men’s Underwear (size medium and above)
  • Women’s Underwear (size medium and above)
  • T-shirts (all kinds, larger sizes always appreciated)
  • Shorts – needed for men, women, and children
  • Pajamas – needed for men, women, and children
  • Socks – children’s sizes only
  • Shower shoes or flip flops – all sizes
  • Combs and brushes
  • Body lotion (unscented, unisex)
  • Deodorant (men’s and women’s needed)
  • Chapstick/individual lip balm
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Shaving cream

Cleaning Kits

Assembled in a small bucket:

  • Liquid dish soap (i.e. Dawn)
  • All purpose spray cleaner (i.e. 409)
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Floor cleaner (i.e. Pinesol)
  • Sponges, rags

Food Items Needed

  • Shelf-stable protein items (i.e. canned chicken, canned fish (tuna/salmon), peanut butter, canned beans)

  • Canned Fruit

  • Condiments (mayo, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce)

  • Instant mashed potatoes

  • Cream soups (cream of mushroom, chicken etc. for use in cooking)

  • Salad Dressings

  • Cereal

Baby Items Needed

  • Baby lotion
  • Baby bath wash
  • Bottles
  • Sippy cups

If you have any questions about our needs list, please email

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