Unacceptable Items List

We cannot accept certain items due to safety concerns or low demand. We cannot accept furniture or bedding with visible rips, stains, tears, or pet hairs. 

Donation drop offs and pick ups are accepted at the discretion of the staff or driver. We thank you for your support and understanding!

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Ammunition and gunsGas cylinders, propane tanks, or fire extinguishers
Blinds without bracketsHospital beds or metal cribs
Bowling ballsMetal desks
Coil bed springsPaint or flammables
Computers or computer components more than 5 years oldPianos or organs requiring more than two people to move
Console stereosSheet glass or mirrors without frames
CrutchesSlate pool tables
Entertainment centersTelevisions more than 10 years old
Fax machinesTires
Furnaces and hot water heatersTrophies
Garage door openersWater beds

Although this is a fairly comprehensive list of items that we do not accept, there are always exceptions to every rule. NOTE: We cannot accept furniture or bedding with visible rips, stains, tears or pet hairs. All donations are picked up at the discretion of the drivers. If you ever have any questions or need to schedule a pickup, please contact the St. Vincent de Paul Community Store Call Center at 937.425.0592. Thank You!


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