Executive Director Reflects on Pope’s Visit to the US

Posted October 15, 2015 by in All Posts, News

Written by David Bohardt, Executive Director

If one message resonated from Pope Francis’s recent visit to the United States, it is this:

All of us have a duty to the poor and the homeless in our midst. A duty of respect, compassion and support.

While rest assured you will be receiving several gift requests from me during the holiday season, the Pope’s message is a direct call for us to continue our work at St. Vincent de Paul; and a direct call for you to help us.

We need everything that flows from your heart and is connected to your wallet.

Cash gifts enable us to offset current and increasing declines in government support. They also help provide the training to improve skills of the people who often make the most difference to our clients – our incredibly dedicated staff.

Non-cash donations, of course, are also very important. In-kind gifts of clothing and personal care items help us meet the demands of clients who come to us with nothing – and need everything. Donations of household furniture help our clients transition to housing with dignity and hope. And donations of food – and especially high-protein canned goods – enable us to prepare and serve 1,200 meals a day to our clients.

We need, in short, whatever you are able to give and we are eternally grateful for your past support. If he were ever able to walk the halls of our shelters, I am certain that Pope Francis would recognize right away that ours is a community that accepts its duty to the poor – and continues to select St. Vincent de Paul as the best place to honor that obligation.

Please help us continue that tradition by supporting our mission today.

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