Planned Giving

Creating a lasting and living legacy with St. Vincent de Paul allows you to put your beliefs into action. Your generosity enhances your spiritual journey, preserves your estate for future generations and ensures the future of an organization whose work is important to you.

We are available to help you develop your planned giving goals. We hope you’ll find our online information helpful as you discover the charitable gift that’s right for you.

Be a Champion for the Poor…

right here in Dayton!

St. Vincent Partners

Annually pledge 1% of your income or $1,000+

St. Vincent Partners are our core supporters who ensure we can effectively minister to our neighbors and provide thousands of opportunities for volunteers to serve the poor with love. As a St. Vincent Partner, you become part of a network of leaders driving transformative community impact, creating hope for those in need while growing in spirituality and friendship. Partners are invited to join our ministries for special service opportunities. Each pledge of $1,000 provides the equivalent of shelter support for as many as 35 people. St. Vincent Partners continue to serve our neighbors in need with breakthrough programs like “Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ by World” and our supportive housing ministries like De Paul Center for homeless men and Kettering Commons for homeless families affected by disabilities.

Senior Partners

Are you 72 years old with an IRA?

Become a St. Vincent Senior Partner through a Qualified Charitable Distribution (tax exempt up to $100,000 per year), satisfying your Required Minimum Distribution at 72 years of age. 

The SECURE Act of December 2019 increased the age to 72 for the Required Minimum Distribution. But if you turned 70½ before the end of 2019, you are unaffected by the new law, and must make the Required Minimum Distribution for tax year 2019 and beyond. 

The CARES Act  of March 2020 includes a temporary waiver for both the 2020 Required Minimum Distributions and the 2019 Required Minimum Distributions due by April 1, 2020, for individuals who turned 70½ last year and didn’t take the distribution before January 1, 2020.

IMPORTANT for 2020: Qualified Charitable Distributions for St. Vincent de Paul may still be taken from IRAs as early as age 70½.  This is despite the SECURE Act delay in the starting age for Required Minimum Distributions, and despite the 2020 temporary waiver for  Required Minimum Distributions.

If you would like to learn more about giving to St. Vincent de Paul with your IRA, please click here or please call Michael Vanderburgh, Executive Director, directly at 937.802.3890.

Legacy Society

Pledge a gift from your will, trust, or beneficiary

Wills and beneficiary designations make all the difference in our ministries. Every year we have unfunded dreams of additional ways to minister to the poor in the Miami Valley. Gifts like this are the easiest to make if you are concerned that you might need the asset during your lifetime. Perhaps you have a retirement account with no beneficiary, or relatives who no longer depend on you for financial assistance. Or perhaps you would like to assign a percentage in your will to your favorite charities to show your friends and family what is important to you.

To join our St. Vincent Legacy Society, simply include us in your will and notify us of your intention to make a gift from your will, trust, or beneficiary designation. It is a special honor for the St. Vincent de Paul Society to be memorialized by your life in this way! Thank you for considering this once in a lifetime gift!

Stock Donation

Gift stock to support our ministries

Gifts of appreciated stock provide an excellent way to rebalance your portfolio while avoiding tax on long-term gains.* When you make a gift of stock to St. Vincent de Paul Society, we can sell the stock for its full market value and apply the entire proceeds to our ministries without adverse tax consequences. If you hold stock in certificates, or if you would like to make a gift from a mutual fund, please call Helen Fahey at (937) 234-7988 for assistance. If you hold your stock in electronic form, you may provide your stock custodian with the following information:

Receiving Agent: Charles Schwab Co., Inc. | DTC Number: 0164 | Account Number: 55420473 | Account Name: St. Vincent de Paul

WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANONYMOUS STOCK GIFTS. Please direct your custodian to include your name in the electronic submission. Please contact Helen Fahey at (937) 234-7988 or to notify us of the number of shares and the stock name.

*Information provided here is not intended as tax or legal advice. Please consult your professional advisors for specific assistance.

Belief Into Action

Creating a lasting and living legacy with St. Vincent de Paul allows you to put your beliefs into action. Your generosity enhances your spiritual journey, preserves your estate for future generations and ensures the future of an organization whose work is important to you.

Transforming Dayton

Become a leader in our effort to keep our neighbors in stable homes, our children in schools, and the support many need to escape addiction and manage mental illness.

To get started contact Erin Carey at or 937.802.2364,

or contact Helen Fahey at or 937.234.7988.

St. Vincent de Paul Dayton serves more than 100,000 people each year through our shelters, food pantries, community stores, furniture bank, supportive housing programs and Conferences.

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