Many Ways to Give Hope

Posted October 18, 2018 by in All Posts, Stories, Volunteering

Demand for shelter in the Miami Valley is on the rise. Today, we have over 500 people in our Dayton shelters, including 100 children. The people we serve rely on the generous support of our community to provide food, shelter, clothing, and life-changing hope. Thanks to our partners and volunteers, our low-cost structure means that your financial gifts have tremendous impact. Just about $144 enables us to provide a full day of food for all shelter guests. Although not everyone is blessed with the capacity to support their neighbors financially, there are many ways to give hope through in-kind donation items, collection drives, volunteer opportunities, and more.

We are thankful for our friends at Lexis Nexis, who continue to serve our mission through their volunteer work, in-kind gifts, financial support… and beautiful paintings! Lexis Nexis employees came together to create encouraging paintings to decorate our shelter and supportive housing spaces. 

Carolyn Hayes, a member of the Lexis Nexis Dayton Cares Committee, explains why Lexis Nexis started their painting project.

Carolyn: St. Vincent de Paul has always been an organization that Lexis Nexis highly supports. St. Vincent de Paul is just the perfect way for us to make a difference here in Dayton. Since we have a lot of people who like to paint and are very talented in that way, but might not be able to get out of the office to volunteer, we created this painting project.

The paintings focus on uplifting themes, bright colors, and messages of encouragement.

Carolyn: We’re trying to brighten up people’s days, and we know that St. Vincent de Paul also serves a lot of children, so we went with a theme that was very fun and uplifting and child-friendly.

If you or your organization would like to help support the people served by St. Vincent de Paul, contact us through 937-222-5555 or check out the links below.

Donate Funds
Donate Goods
Host a Collection Drive