Telitha’s Hope Tours St. Vincent de Paul’s Gateway Shelter

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Written by Andrea McAdams, founder of Telitha’s Hope

Recently, several members of the Telitha’s Hope team had the opportunity to tour St. Vincent’s Homeless Shelter for Women, Children, and Families. What a humbling experience! Imagine what it would be like to sleep in a large open room filled with beds – basically a room full of strangers. Imagine only being able to have what will fit into a school locker due to space limitations. Imagine arriving with only the clothes on your back.

St. Vincent’s does such a wonderful job making a difference in our community! It is so easy to sit back and be an arm chair quarterback with your thoughts and opinions about why a person is homeless. Guess what – the face of the homeless has changed. We now have entire families that are homeless through no fault of their own.

Imagine being a single mom who lost her job and just got kicked out of her apartment because she can’t pay the rent. When I was a single Mom raising two kids, I was very blessed that I had a wonderful job that met our needs. I was also fortunate when I lost that job and was unemployed for almost five months that I was able to stay in my home and pay my utilities. Eventually, I had to file bankruptcy – therefore losing my house and car. I was truly blessed when God provided me with not only a new job, but a job that came with a car and per diem.

When we toured the St. Vincent’s shower area we were asked to think about everything that we used that morning in getting ready. I have to say that we here at Telitha’s Hope are truly blessed and today we got to be the “ing” in BLESSING as we donated some much needed toiletries, as well as 7 quilts to this wonderful organization.

About Telitha’s Hope

Telitha’s Hope was founded in 2012 by Andrea McAdams. In the spring of 2012, Andrea was inspired by a “Random Acts of Kindness” Facebook post to “make a quilt for the homeless.” Andrea decided to accept the challenge and was quickly linked up with a local organization, Jeremiah’s Letters, which is involved with serving the homeless in Dayton. However, Andrea’s idea to make a quilt quickly grew into a wildfire of excitement as people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and professions jumped in to make a difference. By Thanksgiving of 2012, Andrea had 10 quilts (bundled to include basic hygiene items, gloves, handmade hats & scarves, etc) to donate to Jeremiah’s Letters to be distributed to Homeless on the streets. It was about that time that she realized that this simple idea had grown into a mission.

Telitha’s Hope is named after Andrea’s daughter Telitha. She had a rare disease called Ideopathic Gastroparesis, and passed away in 1999. Her memory lives on in this organization and every quilt that is donated.

In early 2013, Andrea applied for nonprofit status. Meanwhile, Telitha’s Hope launched its first-ever quilt drive. Quilt kits were created by TH volunteers and were sent to various schools, home schools, and church groups across several states. Each quilt kit included fabric paint and fabric so that children could handprint quilt squares. The squares were then sewn together to make quilts for the homeless.

Telitha’s Hope has a goal of donating 200 quilts in 2015!


We at St. Vincent de Paul are proud recipients of Telitha’s Hope’s 200th quilt! You can organize your own opportunity to donate by calling (937)222-7349 x410.

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