Transforming Dayton with Corporate Support

Posted June 28, 2018 by in All Posts, Stories

St. Vincent de Paul Dayton is dedicated to not only meeting our neighbors in their time of need, but also working to systemically reduce the risk factors in our community that lead to poverty and homelessness. Every year, we serve more than 100,000 people through our shelters, food pantries, community stores, furniture bank, supportive housing programs and neighborhood St. Vincent de Paul Conferences. It’s certainly no small task, but our supporters help us continue the fight to keep our neighbors in stable homes and our children in schools.

When Dayton’s corporations, private businesses, and other local organizations work together, we start transforming the community that we all live in. Sean Weinel, Business Development & Marketing Specialist for Frontier Technology, Inc., explains why their team supports our programs.

Sean: Charity is at the heart of our company culture, it’s one of our core Four C’s. For us, it’s not just about dropping off a donation here or there. We want to continue to support our community every day by constantly giving back.

FTI supports our mission by regularly donating care items for our shelter guests. So far this year, FTI has donated over 10,000 items including bed sheets, clothing, children’s backpacks, hygiene products and more.

Sean: When we came in to tour the Gateway Shelter for Women & Families, it was very overwhelming. Seeing all the beds, all the people, makes you realize how much you take for granted. Once you understand the reality of people struggling through unfortunate circumstances, you just have to help. For us, that meant donating personal care items to make life a little easier.

For Sean, charity is both a professional and a personal mission.

Sean: My family has always been involved with St. Vincent de Paul. Growing up, we’ve helped with collection drives, volunteered with the food pantry, and things like that. It’s  a great experience that I’d recommend to anyone, and something that I continue to push at FTI. We want our customers, friends, and family to know that FTI loves our community and wants to give back. It’s something that we really felt in our hearts that we needed to do.

Whether you’re part of a large organization or just someone who wants to make a difference, anyone can make an impact in the lives of our neighbors through financial support, in-kind donations, or volunteer work.

Sean: I know some people get nervous about volunteering, but it’s ok to be nervous. I still get nervous sometimes, but it really pays off in the end because you’re helping your community. Bring your organization here for a shelter tour. It’s a big eye-opener. St. Vincent shelters hundreds of people every day, every single day. We need more organizations in the area helping year-round to fight poverty. As for FTI, we definitely aren’t stopping here and will continue doing what we can to help out.

If you or your organization would like to learn more about supporting neighbors in need through St. Vincent de Paul Dayton, contact us through or call 937-222-5555 ext. 410.