Current Volunteer Opportunities

St. Vincent de Paul Gateway Shelter for Women and Families

  • Breakfast Servers – Weekday Mornings
  • Donation Door – Weekday Evenings, Weekend Mornings
  • Front Desk – Weekdays and Weekends
  • Medication Attendant – Weekdays and Weekends (6AM-9AM)
  • Women’s/Families Dorm Assistant – Weekend Evenings

St. Vincent de Paul Gettysburg Gateway for Men

  • Breakfast Servers – Weekday Mornings
  • Lunch Servers – Weekdays
  • Front Desk – Weekdays and Weekends

St. Vincent DePaul Center

  • Front Desk – Afternoons and Weekends

St. Vincent de Paul Community Stores

  • Cashiers/Store Clerk – Weekdays
  • Donation Door Attendant – Saturdays

St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry

  • Distribute Groceries (Groups of up to 10 volunteers) – 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month

St. Vincent de Paul Administration

  • Clerical/Data Entry – Weekday Mornings or Afternoons