St. Vincent de Paul said, “Give me a person of prayer, and such a one will be capable of accomplishing anything.” The following resources can be used by individuals or conferences as they seek to grow in the spiritual strength of which St. Vincent speaks.

Click on the titles below to access each document or website.

Vincentian Spirituality and Sacred Scripture: a series of eight prayer sessions focused on short Scripture passages that are at the heart of the spirituality of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Inspired by pp. 59-66 of the Manual. (Can be used with quote handouts, below.)

Quote Handouts for Vincentian Spirituality and Sacred Scripture: sheets of Scriptural quote cards that can be used in conjunction with the prayer sessions above.

Meditation on a Recent Home Visit: guided questions to help you look back at a recent encounter with a neighbor and see more clearly where Christ was present in the joys or challenges.

Prayers for the St. Vincent de Paul Society: packet of prayers compiled by the Vincentian family in Australia. (“Blessing Prayers” at end is especially nice for a group setting.)

Prayers for a Life of Service: several prayers taken from across the Catholic tradition, intended to provide guidance and support to those living a life of Christian service.

Vincentian Reflections: prayers and reflections on Sunday and feast day readings, from SVDP USA national office. (PDF and Word versions available for download, organized by quarter.)

These reflections are a wonderful tool to incorporate into your Conference meetings.