General Trainings

Ozanam Orientation

(6-7 hour training)
The Ozanam Orientation is the required training program for all Active Members and Conference officers. It is a standard program developed by the national St. Vincent de Paul, and should be attended as soon as possible after becoming a Vincentian. It includes such topics as Vincentian Spirituality, history of the Society, and why we make Home Visits.

Conference Officer Trainings

Conference Secretary Training

(2 hour training)
In this training, we will learn more about the valuable role the Conference Secretary plays. The Secretary fulfills the role of Conference historian, statistician, and more. Best practices and record keeping skills will be two of the areas we will focus on.

Conference Treasurer Training

(2.5 hour training)
The Treasurer training focuses on record keeping, preparing a budget for the Conference, best practices, and preparation of the quarterly and annual reports. Digital record keeping is also discussed. This training features a panel of treasurers from a variety of Conferences who share their own experiences in the role.

President’s Workshop

(2.5 hour training)
Using the concept of Servant Leadership, we will explore the integral role the President plays in the Conference. The President is a collaborative leader who brings the Conference together and moves it forward. We will discuss best practices of volunteer management, reporting, involving other Conference officers, and the role of the President as a Dayton District Council trustee. This is a valuable workshop for Presidents, Vice Presidents, and anyone considering taking on a leadership role in the Conference.

Trainings for Conference Members

Home Visit Workshop

(2.5 hour training)
The Home Visit is at the core of the Vincentian ministry. The Home Visit training is divided into two parts—the spirituality of the Home Visit, and the “mechanics” of the Home Visit. This training is helpful for new and seasoned home visitors, as well as Vincentians discerning whether home visiting would be a good fit for them.

Exploring Poverty Workshop

(2.5 hour training)
When we serve our neighbors in need, we are sometime confused and frustrated by the choices they make and wonder what keeps them in poverty. We want to help those we serve to break free of poverty, and we want to increase our own understanding of them and their situation. The Exploring Poverty workshop is a first step in learning more about poverty. Using the concepts set forth in the Bridges out of Poverty materials developed by Aha Process!, we will learn how to help our neighbors in need better, and to begin to incorporate Systemic Change principles into our work as Vincentians.

Call Taker Workshop

(2.5 hour training)
Being a call taker may be the most challenging job that a Vincentian can have. It is sometimes difficult to make decisions about needs our neighbors face via phone. In this workshop, we will talk about best practices in call taking, record keeping, dealing with crisis situations, and breaking free of the “tyranny of urgency”. Extensive question and answer time will be a part of this workshop.

Vincentian Spirituality

Spiritual Advisor Workshop

(2.5 hour training)
The primary goal of St. Vincent de Paul is the spiritual growth of its members, and the Spiritual Advisor is critical to this mission. The goal of this workshop is to give Spiritual Advisors the confidence and tools to help their Conference members grow in holiness. Whether you are a new Spiritual Advisor or you’ve been serving in this role for years, this workshop will be helpful. We will discuss the Spiritual Advisor’s key role in the Conference, Best Practices, share resources that are available, and more.

Serving in Hope Groups

(2 hours per module)
In a small group setting, we will explore the Serving in Hope formation materials created by national St. Vincent de Paul. We will cover one Module of the program per session, familiarizing ourselves with the history, mission, and charism of the Society and our places in it.

First Friday Formation

(beginning October 2016 – 1.5 hour sessions)
Each month, we will discuss a different topic related to Vincentian Spirituality.  Some topics that may be covered are: incorporating prayer into home visits, seeing Christ in our neighbors, and Catholic Social Teaching for Vincentians.

For more information, please contact or call (937) 222-7349, ext. 314.