Written by Hannah Krafka, Marketing and Communications

Frank* has regularly volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul for over five years. He’s done everything from greet donors at the donation dock, assist at the front desk in the shelter, to occasionally serve meals in the shelter kitchens. Frank has always been struck by the positivity of the young children who are with their families in the Gateway Shelter: “Those cute little kiddies are bright eyed and bushy tailed through it all!” he laughs.

Frank has known about St. Vincent de Paul his whole life. As a child, his parents regularly gave to St. Vincent de Paul through their parish. When his brother died in January of 2011, Frank promised to continue supporting St. Vincent de Paul to honor his memory. “I promised my brother on his deathbed I’d do this and I’ve been doing it since.”

Frank has volunteered with other organizations as a literacy tutor and reflects on his years of experience: “You get more back spirituality than you give; I think that’s what all volunteers find.”

St. Vincent de Paul couldn’t operate every day without volunteers like Frank.  Thank you for your service! Your family’s legacy of generosity will not be readily forgotten.

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*Name has been changed upon request of the volunteer

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