Casserole Donation

Casserole donations are so important for our shelter guests. We serve three meals a day, 365 days per year in our homeless shelters.

  • For the men’s shelter, we require about 20 casseroles for one meal.
  • For the single women and families, we require about 15 casseroles to make a meal.

Please note:

  • We request that the casseroles be delivered to us all together and FROZEN. There is more information in the Casserole Guide below.
  • It helps our kitchen staff immensely if all the casseroles are of the SAME recipe.
  • The document below provides an idea of how to organize a large casserole donation. It also provides helpful information for your casserole-making volunteers, including recipes that have been given the seal of approval by our Director of Food Service.

Click Here for the Casserole Guide

Please submit the form below if you would like to donate casseroles.

If you have questions please email

Casserole Donation Form

Our kitchen staff prefers that all casseroles be the same recipe. However, if there are additional recipes, please indicate in the "other" box below. The recipes can all be found in the Casserole Guide Document above.

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