I’ve been put out, asked to leave, and not invited back

-sometimes for good reason, but that’s beside the fact

It may have been in the wee hours or broad daylight,

Nevertheless, I had no one to contact.

My son and my daughter, I held tight on each side

Every moment they looked away, was a moment that I cried

Our clothes I kept packed in a durable glad bag

That I carried around, but I wasn’t a hag

I was someone in need of just a little help

That was over 2 decades ago, and what a difference a day makes

The steps I had to take were for my children’s sake

They’re all grown up now, educated and doing well

If time were not an essence I would give more detail

But I want you to know – sometimes I look around and think to myself,

“but for the grace of God, there go I”

Then I say a prayer, but I never question why.

I’ll close with this last thing and I’m not the first who said,

That faith without works is truly dead

–Former St. Vincent de Paul Shelter Guest

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