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We know you would love to make Dayton a better place to live by donating your time and skills with St. Vincent de Paul, but did you know your neighbors in need are not the only ones who benefit from your volunteer work? We’ve listed five ways volunteering with St. Vincent de Paul positively impacts your life in incredible and powerful ways.

5. Volunteering Reduces Risk of Depression and Stress


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There are so many health benefits to volunteering; we couldn’t have room to list them all here! One of the biggest benefits how staying active and helping others can combat depression and stress. The Manager of Volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul agrees, “There is something so personally rewarding about assisting someone to achieve something they could not have done without you.” If your volunteer work aligns with your personal passion and skills, you can feel good about contributing positively to the community. Don’t see an opportunity listed for you at St Vincent de Paul? Email volunteerinfo@stvincentdayton.org with your contact information and concerns and we will do our best to find a place for you.

4. Volunteering helps your Social Life


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Being social while volunteering at St Vincent de Paul helps fight depression and stress, but it also provides opportunities for relationships with people in Dayton who have the same interests and concerns as you. Already have a group to volunteer with? You can find volunteer group activities to help the homeless in Montgomery County by emailing volunteerinfo@stvincentdayton.org.

3. Volunteering Builds Job Skills


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Many employers and now looking for qualified candidates that commit to improving their skills though volunteer work in the community. When you volunteer at St Vincent de Paul, you can build your resume, network, and try out different roles that can lead to a satisfying career. Volunteering in our Dayton administrative office or the front desk at the Gateway Shelters could give you the extra edge in an increasingly competitive job market. Find your professional volunteer opportunity by emailing volunteerinfo@stvincentdayton.org.

2. Volunteering is Spiritually Rewarding


Throughout Dayton, St Vincent de Paul has 35 conferences, or chapters, made up of volunteers called Vincentians. These caring individuals provide person-to-person assistance for people in Dayton who need help with utilities, household necessities and a variety of other issues, unique to their situation. Vincentians meet regularly and go on frequent home-visits to connect with clients. St Vincent de Paul’s conference support specialist explains that Vincentians benefit more than socially when they volunteer, “When we serve those in need, we are answering our call as Christians to help ‘the least of these’, and what we get back far outweighs any effort we make. When we serve our brothers and sisters, making even a small difference in their lives, we are given a unique opportunity to truly see Christ in them and be Christ to them.” Get involved and find your conference by Zip code.

1.Volunteering helps your Neighborhood


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Nearly everyone wants to live comfortably and safely in an area they call home. When you volunteer with St Vincent de Paul, you’re contributing to a cause that will help your neighbors’—and your own—quality of life improve. We have a place you for and encourage you to donate your time and resources in making Dayton a better place to live, work, and play.

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