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You know our frequently asked questions about donating a car, but what about the random question you may be too shy to ask? Luckily, someone might have asked already! We’ve listed five of the strangest and most unique questions people have asked while donating their car, truck, boat, or bike to St. Vincent de Paul Dayton.

If you see your own question listed, be proud! You’ve gone where no one had thought to go before and we appreciate your honest concerns.

5. Car or Boat or Both?

“My car has been submerged under water for two months.  Can you still take it?  If so will I get a boat or car donation slip?”

4. Locked Out!

“I’ve lost the keys to the car and the doors are locked.  Could the transporter crawl through the window?”

3. Moving without a Fee…

“I am relocating back to Ohio from Florida.  Can I ride in the donated vehicle while it is being transported?”

2. Lost in the Weeds…

“This vehicle sat for so long in my backyard that weeds are growing inside the car.  Can I still donate it?”

1. We’ll Take It All!

“I have filled my car with items to be donated to [a different thrift store], Can the transporter take these items to them first?”

When you donate anything in any condition to St. Vincent de Paul, we make sure that it put to good use helping our community.

Call (937)222-5555 option 3 or fill out this form to schedule your donation today.

Be sure to put your own questions in the comments below.

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