Written by Hannah Krafka, Marketing and Communications

6. You don’t waste anything

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the clothing, shoes, purses, belts and linens that have finally outlived…

Posted by St. Vincent de Paul – Dayton District Council on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You’re resourceful and thrifty as you plan for your own needs and you make sure items you no longer need, like a car or clothing, go to help others who are just as careful as yourself. You confidently pass your used possessions to St. Vincent de Paul, knowing nothing will be wasted and it all will help Dayton!

5. You love Dayton

Dayton is your home sweet home. Whether you’ve lived here you’re whole life, took a short time away, or are a transplant, your heart belongs to Dayton.  You’re fiercely proud of the community and rich history, from the Wright Brothers to the Oregon District, and you’ll defend your home’s reputation to anyone who questions it.

4. You love hearing people’s stories


You realize a wide range of people live your beloved Dayton community and you enjoy taking time to hear all the different stories. You understand it takes a village to create the beautiful story mosaic of Dayton. On St. Vincent de Paul’s blog you read these stories ranging from your formally homeless neighbor, to your volunteer friend keeping Daytonians in their homes.

3. You make time for others


You don’t just listen to these wonderful stories, you find where your own story weaves into Dayton’s rich tapestry. As often as you’re able, you make time to bring a little light in your neighbor’s day. A smile, a kind comment, you pay attention to even the smallest details to make all the difference.

2. You stick around when things look tough

Your strongest trait is loyalty to your home and commitment to your community. Even as the demands for St. Vincent de Paul’s services increase, you’re confident that your regular, monthly gifts impact Dayton in a positive way. One life at a time, you’re tackling the problem of poverty head on with a group of like-minded St. Vincent de Paul supporters.

1.You share what we do


You’re always looking to grow St. Vincent de Paul’s supporters by talking to your family and friends about the next fundraising event, how you recently volunteered, or even just a touching story you read. You navigate your social circles with confidence, knowing the people you surround yourself with care for Dayton just as much as you do and together you can make it a better place for all our neighbors.

From all of us at St. Vincent de Paul, thank you for your continued support!

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