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Through the Eyes of Children

To see the world through a child’s eyes is a wonder. Their pure and innocent perspectives, unhurried by adult responsibilities, remind us of what is truly important. They see and feel everything but do not always understand. Raw emotion, true and untamed, rules their...

Perseverance in Prayer

August 27th is typically observed as the feast of St. Monica, patron of wives, mothers, and victims of abuse. She is recognized as a saintly mother whose deep faith and fervent prayers led to the conversions of her pagan husband and wayward son (that son being St....

With a Little Help From Our Friends

When a neighbor contacts St. Vincent de Paul’s neighborhood ministries - known as conferences - for assistance, volunteer members visit the neighbor in their home. This Home Visit is the hallmark of St. Vincent de Paul conferences, as it enables personal accompaniment...

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Cast All Your Worries On Him: The Peter Prescription

Isn’t it so easy to get bogged down with our daily worries and anxieties? There are so many distractions vying for our attention. It is too easy to turn our eyes from Jesus and forget that he cares deeply about us. As our director of spirituality Deacon Mark Danis...

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Everyday Heroes

We are THANKFUL for the amazing people who show up every day and love their neighbors through their work and their presence at St. Vincent de Paul. One such person is Rehousing Manager Angel Bernard, who was recently honored as an Everyday Ohio Hero by the Ohio...

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Walking the Way of the Cross

A reflection for Holy Week as together we enter into the Lord's Passion, Death, and Resurrection: All of us experience moments of darkness, when everything we do can feel like failure, everything we want to change we can't change yet.  Patience isn't asked; it's...

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You are a masterpiece of His Love.

“You are a masterpiece of His love, wounded, disfigured by sin, but remade by the Redeemer, more beautiful than before.” (I Believe in Love, Father Jean C.J. d’Elbée) As our troubled world spins on, this week marks the beginning of the spiritual season of Lent. It is...

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