80-year-old retired oncology nurse and artist, Lucille Nagy Carroll, believes art can be a powerful tool in helping people create, connect, and help in conquering difficulties. For years, Carroll ran art programs at the Towne & Country Fine Art Gallery, St. Charles Church and the Dayton VA Center for people struggling with serious life issues.  Two years ago, Lucille felt called to re-start the program–this time at the DePaul Center, a St. Vincent de Paul supportive housing program for men who struggle living on their own.

Excited by the prospect of once again using art to help those struggling, Lucille gathered brushes, paint, canvases, and art supplies. Says Carroll, “I focus on each media for two weeks at a time so they can get comfortable with it. And I leave a good amount of supplies there so that can work on it when I’m not there.”

Carroll reflects, “Other classes that I’ve done–people with life threatening illnesses–they had support from family and friends. But with this group, they are alone. They don’t have anyone.”

Carroll continues, “I take their art and put it up all over the walls in the room we use.  I think they like to see their work on the walls. One man who comes is chronically ill and does not really ever feel well. But he will say ‘This brings me so much joy’.”

Last year, Carroll featured the work of her SVdP art students in a resident art show at the DePaul Center. In addition to the art and artists, the show featured hopeful optimism for the future. Carroll closes, “Sometimes I think, “Wow, God put me in this place for a reason. I hope to have a big impact on even one person.”


Thank you, Lucille, for sharing your talent and passion to help others, and thanks to our artists for sharing their work!

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