SVdP volunteers helping after Hurricane Laura devastated Louisiana in 2020.

September is National Preparedness Month, and like a good neighbor, St. Vincent’s there.


As the leaves change and seasons shift, the wind begins to blow cooler and cooler, we, like the squirrels, ought to be preparing for winter. Instead of collecting acorns, (although, feel free if you are so inclined) we can take some simple steps to make sure we are prepared for whatever life and nature send our way.


Not that many of us want to think about snow before the leaves turn gold, but this is Ohio. And as we’ve seen in recent years, natural disasters seem to be on the rise and occurring in less predictable patterns. We learned all too well with the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes that the Miami Valley is not immune.


It is always tragic to see communities affected by natural disasters, lives and homes lost, safety and security gone with the wind. And yet, it is often through this suffering that we see the most beautiful side of humanity: people coming together and showing up for one another in love.


This is what you do as a participant in and supporter of St. Vincent’s mission. Each and every person in our shelters and other ministries is experiencing some sort of crisis. Your support helps us meet them where they are on their journeys and accompany them with compassion and love.


As an organization, a community, a society, there are hundreds of people doing small things here and there to make a big difference, sowing seeds of love that will yield fruit even in the coldest days of winter.


Thank you for accompanying us on this mission and for being the good neighbors that you are. This week, as we celebrate both the feast of our patron St. Vincent de Paul (9/27) and National Good Neighbor Day (9/28), you will be remembered in our prayers in a special way. Please keep us in yours.



P.S. As September is National Preparedness Month, it is an opportunity to reflect on small steps you and your family can take to prepare for a disaster:

  • Know your risk:
    • Fires are a risk anywhere, anytime, but here in the Miami Valley we are also at risk for severe weather like tornadoes, flooding, and the dangers of winter (ice, snow, extreme cold).
  • Update important documents and keep them in a safe place:
    • Digital copies are helpful!
  • Make sure your car is winter-ready:
    • Make sure your car maintenance is up to date—fluids are full, tire pressure is maintained, and your gas tank doesn’t get too low—and that you have emergency supplies in your car—blankets, ice scraper, shovel, flares, working flashlight, etc.
  • For more ideas, click here:


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