At the heart of St. Vincent de Paul Society, we know that we belong to one another as part of the human family and the Body of Christ. All our ministries are connected in a living breathing Society made up of members, donors, volunteers, and staff committed to being good neighbors by caring for our brothers and sisters in need and being good stewards of the gifts and resources we have received.


The Society believes in the importance of being creative in its ministry and mission to respond to those seeking assistance. It was in this spirit that we re-envisioned the St. Vincent de Paul Community Store with renovations and rebranding to expand our ability to serve our brothers and sisters in need. The reimagined thrift store is now CityThrift, a bigger, brighter, and all-around better shopping experience for everyone.


The store continues to serve the community with great deals on unique and gently used items, but did you know that by shopping at CityThrift you are also serving your community by giving to our mission?


Every penny of proceeds goes directly back to our ministries that feed, shelter, and clothe our brothers and sisters in need.

CityThrift is the direct result of generous supporters in our own community. When the items donated to any of St. Vincent de Paul’s drop off locations are sorted, the needs of shelter guests are given first priority. Our guests’ needs are many and are needed in large quantities. (Recently we sheltered the highest number of guests in our 37-year shelter history.) Whatever is not needed for the shelter or housing ministries is tagged and set out on the sales floor.


In this way, donated items are finding new life and purpose. As is the way of thrifting, your trash may become someone else’s treasure.


Buying items used reduces landfill, keeps our oceans cleaner, and reduces energy consumption. Though some people do not have a house or an apartment or a dwelling to live in, we all live on this earth. The earth is a living being, like our Society. We are all connected, and we each have a responsibility to care for it and each other.


By shopping CityThrift you are being a good neighbor to your community and to our common home on this planet. Thank you!

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